• X1 GUI setting tool
  • X7 GUI setting tool
  • X7 upgrade
  • X9 with IMX317 LEN (NOTE: upgrade firstly then replace 317len)
  • X9 with IMX258 LEN (NOTE: upgrade firstly then replace 258len)
  • X9 stabilization

Pls contact with us before you upgrade the firmware.

Upgrade the Matecam X1 FW instruction

1.format the memory card,Connect the camera to pc by USB cable,

2.Copy the FWMT66.bin file into the root memory card.

3.Insert the memory card into the camera,Press the reset button's upgrading now. The LED in motion detection mode will flash fast.

5. then Restart the camera,LED run one circle, then turn on to record

6. Then delete the file from the root memory card directly.

When you format the memory card, pls turn on the camera,and long press the shutter key 10s, then it will be formatted.

Where to get the X1 APP?

  • Scan the QR code from the manual or gift box to download.
  • Search "matecam" on APP Store/Google play.

 Any questions,just contact with us.Thank you!